This weekend, I decided I would do more signatures, and progress my experience.... here is the result:
New Avatar! Its been quite awhile since I posted anything, and hopefully I will do more Avatars / signatures / pixel art in the future.
Its that time again. Family photo time!
In the middle is great aunt Harold. On the left we have uncle Joe and on the right we have aunt Sharon. On the bottom right side we have Joe's 3 children; Lee Bob and Jenkins. The two other children are Sharon's children; Davis and Matilde. The smallest children are Matilde's, whom are not yet named.
Oh my gosh, there it is... wait no its gone now. Ahh...
I made it for a pixel joint challenge called, "Sslimey". I started making this thinking that it would have some sort of bone structure to it, but as it progressed I changed my mind and aimed for an evil blob type creature.
As you can see there is a dead scientists in the background so its an experiment gone wrong, or something. The background took awhile to make. I had to choose from about 3 of them. This one was the most detailed and gave a sense of depth rather than a flat, design in the background.


If you didnt already notice, Arcane Lands has been down for about 3 weeks. We are having issues with our host, so I'll need to contact him sometime. (I am pretty busy these days though.)

Anyway, I haven't posted artwork in a awhile, so I thought that I would make something so my skills would not get Rusty. (hehe)

This is a set of weapons I made called, "Bonemelt" it is a dark colored blade with some sort of bone material molded onto it.
(sorry i havent posted pixels in a while) Click for a better view.

I have also been trying to veer toward making signatures again, so that should be some good practice. (and fun i guess) so here is a
signature for a clan on some game, (OHMYGOSH-UNICORNS!!?) um

yeah... Click on the picture for a full view. This next signature is
a personal one that I tried new things on, it was really just an experiement, but I thought it turned out pretty cool.

I hope Arcane Lands comes back up and I am planning on making  more artwork in the future, but as of right now I am pretty busy.


Scenery mock for Arcane Lands
As you can see its coming along quite nicely. I plan on making more trees (rather than just 2 of them)
The gallery is filled with relatively new works, just waiting to be viewed. Check them out and leave a comment or some criticism.

If you leave criticism it helps me as an artist to grow and I would greatly appreciate feedback.





Recently, I have updated my website, I added a few new features.

The contact form has been updated to make it easier for me to differentiate the types of forms. If it is a question then it is on the top of my priority list. If it is of the category "Other" it is my second highest priority. Lastly, if the category or type of information submitted is simply a comment, it will be lowest on my priority list but I hope to get to all of my comments and respond to them.

Not only has the contact page been updated, if you go to the, "About" page you can find out a little more about me.

You can also check out some resources I once used, (and still do.) like some communities I have joined such as Pixel Joint. (you probably wont find me if you search for me...) Pixel Joint is a very effective way to show off your artwork but they only accept pixel art to go into their gallery, That is one reason why it is a unique gallery.

You can also check out some awesome tutorials, such as Mark's pixel art tutorial. That specific tutorial was the first one I ever used, it is very useful, check it out!
Hey everyone! have you heard about the Weebly Design a Theme Contest? well, 1st prize is $10,00! 2nd prize is $2,000 & the third prize is $1,000. I recently submitted 2 new themes and you can check them out here:

FlawlessSapphire -

GreenDynasy -

and you can check out my old one
GlassBox -

if you like any of them, vote for it!