If you didnt already notice, Arcane Lands has been down for about 3 weeks. We are having issues with our host, so I'll need to contact him sometime. (I am pretty busy these days though.)

Anyway, I haven't posted artwork in a awhile, so I thought that I would make something so my skills would not get Rusty. (hehe)

This is a set of weapons I made called, "Bonemelt" it is a dark colored blade with some sort of bone material molded onto it.
(sorry i havent posted pixels in a while) Click for a better view.

I have also been trying to veer toward making signatures again, so that should be some good practice. (and fun i guess) so here is a
signature for a clan on some game, (OHMYGOSH-UNICORNS!!?) um

yeah... Click on the picture for a full view. This next signature is
a personal one that I tried new things on, it was really just an experiement, but I thought it turned out pretty cool.

I hope Arcane Lands comes back up and I am planning on making  more artwork in the future, but as of right now I am pretty busy.


Scenery mock for Arcane Lands
As you can see its coming along quite nicely. I plan on making more trees (rather than just 2 of them)