Recently, I have updated my website, I added a few new features.

The contact form has been updated to make it easier for me to differentiate the types of forms. If it is a question then it is on the top of my priority list. If it is of the category "Other" it is my second highest priority. Lastly, if the category or type of information submitted is simply a comment, it will be lowest on my priority list but I hope to get to all of my comments and respond to them.

Not only has the contact page been updated, if you go to the, "About" page you can find out a little more about me.

You can also check out some resources I once used, (and still do.) like some communities I have joined such as Pixel Joint. (you probably wont find me if you search for me...) Pixel Joint is a very effective way to show off your artwork but they only accept pixel art to go into their gallery, That is one reason why it is a unique gallery.

You can also check out some awesome tutorials, such as Mark's pixel art tutorial. That specific tutorial was the first one I ever used, it is very useful, check it out!


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